The Little Book For... 

The Culture Shifter

How to build brilliant teams that harness the importance of working collaboratively.

Collaboration is crucial to any successful organisations, but there are a lot of things that prevent it from becoming a part of their culture. This needs to change. After all, 70% of change programmes fail to achieve their goals.

Culture change begins with identifying non-negotiable behaviours.  If collaboration – or any other behaviour – is really important, and employees are expected to display them as part of a culture shift, then leaders to need to endorse this change from top-down.

In this book, discover:

  • Why it's not enough to tell teams you're changing your culture and to expect immediate results.
  • How non-negotiable behaviours can shape a cultural vision for your organisation.
  • Why you need to equip leaders with the skills and tools to endorse culture change and bring their teams with them.

This is how you achieve sustainable change in your organisation's culture. It's time to become a leader in culture shifting.

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