The Neuroscience of Leadership & Trust

10 May 2016

We have all heard, on numerous occasions, about the virtues of organisations who have a high-trust culture. Trust in leadership however is at an all-time low. Many HR professionals are struggling to help leaders build trust in their businesses because they find trust is squishy, subjective and almost impossible to measure.

Dr. Paul Zak (watch his TED talk here), a leading neuroscientist who has conducted 13 years of laboratory experiments and studies into successful companies, has uncovered the neuroscience behind trust and how you can use this knowledge to enhance trust within teams and organisations.

Paul’s colleague and habit/behaviour change expert Dr. Kenneth Nowack, is making the trip across the pond to share their latest trust research with us.

During this interactive discussion you will learn:

  • Why trust really is the “secret sauce” of high performing teams and organisations
  • How the “trust molecule” works in the brain and facilitates team work, collaboration, and high engagement
  • The neurobiology of neuroplasticity and successful habit/behaviour change
  • The 8 interpersonal leadership practice areas that have been found to elicit oxytocin and facilitate a trust relationship within teams.

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